Marwa Shehata
Comms & Events Manager
Posted 3 years ago

Coconut’s Diverse Community

The Coconut community is now at 5,500 and growing so we wanted to share some insights.

We have an incredible pool of highly talented self-employed people who are patiently waiting for us to launch, and we want to thank you all for your support. We appreciate you waiting a little while for us to test and develop Coconut. We’re launching our Beta for sole traders in January and limited companies will follow soon after, so sign up on our website if you haven’t already.

Our community is diverse, but we all have something in common: we’re forging our own path. Founders, Sam and Adam, were both Chartered Accountants and freelancers in a past life. They’ve made it their mission to solve the problems they faced when they worked for themselves, and that’s how Coconut came about.




The community is made up of freelancers across the whole spectrum, from creative industries (52%), tech (32%) and lots more including nurses, virtual assistants, plumbers, builders, roofers and teachers.

Through our community’s feedback, we’ve identified some of the biggest challenges that come with self-employment.



We plan to address as many of these as we can in our Beta product – but they are all on our hit list. Our aim is to free you up so that you can spend 100% of your time winning and doing great work, rather than all the admin that comes with it.

Stay up to date with our journey by joining our FaceBook group Coconut Bite, and if you haven’t already sign up to our wait list here.

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