Chris Phoenix
Community & Content Manager
Posted 3 years ago

Android Launch Roadmap

Our Android for sole trader accounts are here!

Here’s an update with a firmer timeline on when all the Android features will be ready.

android peekaboo

Android progress

We’ve started opening accounts, and this month we’ll be inviting everyone on our waiting list to apply. Keep an eye on your inbox.

Here’s our Android timeline:

coconut for android release timeline

This initial release of Coconut for Android will let you get your account number, sort code, and Coconut debit card. You’ll be able to use Coconut to keep track of your business income and expenses, attach receipts to transactions and see handy guidance about what you can and can’t claim for tax.

We’re still working on the last few features (like exporting your data and tax estimates), which will be added to the app this month.

If you haven’t already, sign up now, as we’re inviting people from the waiting list to apply for an account first.

Our journey so far

Major props to Joëlle and Vilius, our product designer and Android developer. They have been working hard with our entire team to build the app since they started in April.

We pre-approved the first account on the 31st May, working with early testers to open the first Android sole trader account on the 31st July. The feedback on the account entire process has been really valuable. Thank you to everyone who has been involved.

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