The freedom of freelance life

The freelance lifestyle gives us space to explore an alternative way of living.

That’s what lures us in. The promise of flexibility, independence and control. The opportunity to embrace what really matters and make the system work for us. The vision of choosing our own clients, expressing our creativity, and maybe – some day – working from a sandy beach in Thailand.

But did you ever daydream about managing your money?

That part hit us like a slap in the face. Unexpected tax bills, missed filing deadlines, chasing payments from clients, managing an unpredictable cashflow. Money is a complicated business for freelancers. It’s the great unknown.

And we believe your current account can do more to support you. That’s why we’re building Coconut. A business current account that works out your taxes, tracks your expenses and helps you get paid on time. An alternative current account designed for freelancers, by freelancers.


Built for freelancers, by freelancers

We’ve explored the problem of money management from the inside out. First accidentally – when we became freelancers ourselves – and now very intentionally as we try to fix it.

We want to support the community so work with freelancers as much as we can. Here’s a little shout out to all the incredible freelancers who’ve helped us build Coconut so far.

Samuel O’Connor

Adam Goodall
Chief of Product

Ali Crossley

Hermione Way
Head of Comms

Lisa Matzi
UX Designer

Aurelija Stankunaite
Marketing Exec

Alex Speller

Ricardo Pereira
iOS Developer

Alexandre Jesus

Will Green
UI Designer

Jon Burrow
Creative Director

Rebecca Collins

Rory Devane
Web Developer

Ben Lattimore
Web Developer

André Spiteri
Content Writer

James Reith
Content Writer

David Dixon
iOS Developer

Gemma Church
Content Writer

Keith McGuiness
Content Writer

Rhidian Taylor
Brand Consultant

Ailie Wallace
Content Writer

Ben Wrigglesworth

Alice May Purkiss
Content Writer

Rob Knott
Content & SEO

Matthew Lee
Marketing Intern

Paul Maplesden
Content Writer