Help us create Coconut

Let the card do the work. It’s a simple story. But behind the scenes, there’s a whole team here at Coconut working hard to make it possible. We’re looking for talented people – full-time and freelance – to help us make money management easy for freelancers.

Are you up to the challenge?

Founded by Freelancers

When we started freelancing we were no strangers to the finance world. We’d already trained together at PwC, then sold our first fintech startup. Yet we both found the money side of self-employment frustratingly complicated. And the banks were doing nothing to help.

So here we are, building Coconut – the UK’s first bank account for freelancers.

-Adam & Sam, co-founders-

Coconut HQ

Our team is based at Huckletree Shoreditch. It’s a beautiful coworking space that helps us connect with a community of freelancers and startups every day, which means we have constant user feedback. We’d love to have you here with us but we are also open to remote working so don’t let distance hold you back.

Careers at Coconut

We’re currently hiring for full-time positions with our core team in London.

Freelancers welcome, naturally

Coconut wouldn’t exist without the support of this community, so we regularly work with freelancers. If you’d love to join us in building a product that makes your own life easier, get in touch!

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