Adam Goodall
Co-founder & Chief of Product
Posted 2 years ago

Invoicing, by Coconut

We are very excited to announce the release of Invoicing.

It’s available now for iOS and Android as part of the Coconut app.

Since launching in January 2018, we’ve noticed increasing demand for an invoicing tool, both from our customers and the wider community of freelancers, self-employed people and small business owners.

The art of invoicing is a dated, manual process, that often requires the use of multiple applications, a computer and valuable time. In addition to this, it often operates on an entirely different system to your business account which makes cross-checking payments and tracking income difficult to manage.

By providing our customers with a complete business banking and accounting solution we are removing the challenges associated with managing your business’s money, including getting paid.

With this in mind, we quickly made the decision to move Invoicing forward on our roadmap, aiming to give our customers another new tool to start 2019 with.

In this article, you can find out what we’ve packed into our first release, and a bit more about what we’ve got planned.

Get paid on time

The primary goal with invoicing was simple. To build a tool that helps our customers get paid on time.

Every element has been designed with this goal in mind. From how the invoices look, to how they’re organised.

Create, send and manage invoices in minutes (or even seconds).

Stay on top of your invoices by creating drafts, seeing which ones are late, and marking them off as they get paid.

Your invoice is a touchpoint of your brand, so we’re aiming to make every element of the invoice fully customisable. From adding your logo, right down to changing the footer details. We’re currently at the start of our journey with invoicing with lots of great stuff in the pipeline.

Send invoices from anywhere, using only your Coconut account and a smartphone.

A closer look

Here’s what you can expect from Coconut’s invoicing tool:

Track your Invoices
The invoice list has been built in a way that draws your attention to the latest or most important invoice first. Overdue invoices remain on top, helping you keep track of money owed.

Invoices List


Sometimes you don’t quite have everything needed to finish your invoice. You can save your invoice as a draft at any time and come back to it later, once you have everything you need.

Look up Clients on Companies House
Don’t have all of your client’s details to hand? No problem. We’ve integrated with Companies House allowing you to quickly look up your client and get their address for the invoice. If your client isn’t a registered business, then you can still add them manually.

Add Client

You can even give clients their very own nickname, so they look nice and friendly in your app.

Adding items
Easily add and remove line items to and from your invoice with control over quantity, units, price and description.

Add Line Item

Set your invoice number
Your invoice numbers automatically plus one each time. You can add a prefix too, like INV or your initials. And if you’re already working from invoice number 329, simply update the number and we’ll start counting from there.

Due dates
We have a list of suggested due dates that you can choose from. Setting a due date is important to let the recipient know when you expect payment by.

Invoice Number Due Date

Preview before you send
You’ll want to know what the invoice looks like before you send it, so at any time you can push preview to check how your invoice is shaping up.

Preview Invoice

Send Invoices
Create, manage and send your invoices, all from inside the app. Hit submit and Coconut will export your Invoice as a PDF and attach it to an email, ready to send to your client.

Invoice Template

What’s next

Invoicing is such a big feature that’s it’s almost an entire product in itself. For that reason, in addition to our public roadmap, we’ve got a special roadmap just for invoicing. We’ll be using this to collect feedback on anything invoicing specific so that we can continue to improve the tool.

Tell us what you think

Our team’s been working hard on this over the last few months. Thank you to everyone that’s helped out with testing these last few weeks too, we really appreciate it and couldn’t have made this without you.

This release is a huge step forward in our effort to eliminate business admin by combining banking and accounting into one simple product. We’d love to hear what you think.

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